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HVAC Installation, Repair and Maintenance

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Graham Bloom

Who Are We?
  • Founded in 1992, CoolReaction, under leadership of Graham Bloom, has developed a solid reputation in the HVAC industry for reliable and high quality service delivery both in South Africa and beyond our borders.
  • The company not only focusses on commercial and industrial refrigeration, but is also active in the retail, domestic and mortuary space, building its reputation through the deployment of skilled and experienced teams.
  • Latest tehnology and a green approach imply energy efficiency and also mean that only the best suppliers are engaged to ensure reliability, customer satisfaction and high levels of after sales service.
  • CoolReaction is currently expanding its activities in Gauteng, building more (mobile) on-site teams to serve you better.

Hi-tech equipment

Industrial Cold Storage

Installation and Repair

Our Rapid Response teams react quickly to attend to your maintenance, repair and servicing needs.
We supply installations and products from only the best manufacturers.
Hi-tech equipment

Advanced Control Mechanisms

Installation and servicing of high-tech control systems to support energy efficiency in line with our green policy and
EU 517 compliance.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Reduce the risk of unforeseen breakdowns and expenditure by having a preventative maintenance program in place for your installation.
Sign up for a fixed price maintenance contract that gives you budget stabilty. We take the risk, you enjoy peace of mind.

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How Does It Work?

Getting the best out of your HVAC maintenance programme


HVAC = “Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning”  


  • The objective of the maintenance plan is to stabilise your maintenance budget and avoid unforeseen budget overruns.
  • When CoolReaction adopts a client site for purposes of HVAC maintenance, we send a team to the site and take
    the following steps:
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